RUPLASTICA 2023: a strong start to the season of industry events

On January 27, the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber RUPLASTICA 2023 ended in Moscow. The 2023 event has become especially important and expected both for the organizers and for all participants. The project, which existed under a different name for many years, opened its doors with a new name and an updated concept, and again showed its relevance and importance for the industry.

The exhibition trio - the international trade fair for plastics and rubber RUPLASTICA, international trade fair of packaging, printing and filling technologies UPAKEXPO, as well as international trade fair for waste management and recycling RECYCLING SOLUTIONS – became a clear proof that business and its development remain an important component under any external circumstances .

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More than 500 exhibitors from 16 countries took part in the exhibition session. The companies' stands attracted about 25,000 visitors from Russia and neighboring countries. According to the statistics of the exhibition organizer - EXPO FUSION LLC - this figure, which reached the indicators of January 2020, has become another confirmation of the positive dynamics and the willingness of market participants to continue working and developing in a changing market.

The lively and optimistic atmosphere of the Expocentre pavilions, as well as high-quality level of business contacts, were especially noted by the exhibitors.

So, for example, at the stand R&P POLYPLASTIC specialists held more than 270 meetings during the exhibition, and according to Sergey Tsvetkov, commercial director of Interplast, RUPLASTICA 2023 turned out to be one of the most productive exhibitions for the entire time their company participated in such events. “My team and I held about 300 negotiations!” – Sergey says.

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The largest industry leaders, numerous Russian and foreign companies offering solutions for the entire production chain, gathered at the RUPLASTICA 2023 exhibition site to demonstrate the stability of their work in the current time, as well as their readiness to respond quickly and in a short time to changing conditions and offer their customers high-quality and adaptive solutions.

In the exhibition pavilions, on beautiful and functional stands, it was possible to communicate with representatives of such companies as Polyplastic, HAITIAN Russia, SIBUR Holding, PJSC LUKOIL-RNP-TRADING, AtlasMash, BORCHE Machinery, Formotronik, Gabriel Chemie Russia, Bashkir Soda Company, Resinex Rus, Aleko Machinery, Chemical Industry, UCG, Plastic, Tathimplast, Wittmann Battenfeld and many others.

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Anton Pinenkov, General Director of Chemical Industry LLC:

«We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of flow and traffic of people. It is obvious that people are missing live communication, and such an event as RUPLASTICA has attracted a lot of attention in the market!»

The decisive role of the project for the market was also emphasized by Roman Makarov, project manager at Wittmann:

«The RUPLASTICA exhibition brings together all processors and manufacturers of polymers and other companies that help in logistics and related areas - and this is priceless. Only at the RUPLASTICA exhibition - a global exhibition in Russia that takes place once a year - you can reveal yourself, get additional contacts that you, in principle, might not know that you need. I always say: who does not visit the exhibition for a year or two or three - the company may no longer exist! Who visits - gains benefits, who does not - only loses».

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On January 25, the event was visited by the Ambassador of Turkiye to Russia, Mr. Mehmet Samsar, who talked to exhibitors from Turkiye at their stands and held a working meeting with representatives of IKMIB - Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association.

«Now there is a very important period for both countries - Russia and Turkiye, which is why Turkiye takes part in the exhibition, each time increasing the number of exhibited companies. Russia is a very important market close to Turkiye, we have special relations in many areas, including the economic one. That is why it is important for us to bring Turkish companies here and introduce them to Russian clients in order to understand our product, our potential, and in general to understand the market. That is why this exhibition is of great importance and significance both in Russia and around the world».

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The large-scale participation of Turkish companies is an important feature of the last exhibition RUPLASTICA 2023.

Hurmak, Akdeniz, Chemson, Akkaya, Enformak, Alarge, Demak, Novoma, Dersan, Haskil, Konex, Mikrosan, Vikotech – this is only a small part of the companies that presented their equipment, technologies and services to the Russian professional community during the exhibition. In total, more than 40 Turkish exhibitors attended the exhibition.

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Among them were manufacturers and suppliers of injection molding machines, screws and barrels for extrusion, injection and blow molding machines, molds, high-performance rubber extruders, exhaust cutting units and cooling units, thermoforming machines, plastics processing lines, filtration systems, shredders and crushers, temperature control and water-cooling systems and many more!

Dino Terzik, DER-SAN Sales Manager (Turkiye):

«We always try to be here, because for more than 25 years of experience in the Russian market, we have acquired a large number of clients, friends and partners. Therefore, we always come here with great pleasure to meet them, feel the atmosphere, get feedback about the work - and all this in one place!».

Last season the international status of the exhibition was also confirmed once again. In addition to the Turkish participation, the presence of companies from Italy, China, Iran and India was even more significant this year.

Jinesh Shah, Vice President of RAJOO ENGINEERS LIMITED (India):

«We are so happy to be here! We are seeing a great response, a large number of visitors and inquiries. At present, Russia and India are good partners and we would like to work together. We believe that now is the time to develop our relationship by offering the right technologies and real solutions».

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The past season has become a landmark for the organizers, participants and visitors of RUPLASTICA 2023 due to the formal launch of a full-fledged section of the RECYCLING SOLUTIONS exhibition dedicated to waste recycling technologies and other related areas that contribute to the development of this area in Russia and the CIS.

Pavilion 2.2. united under its roof major players in the processing industry - Atlasmash, EcoProm24, MSK Polymer, Gran Garo, Aleko Machinery, GranPlast, DPL Polymer, Evropolymer-Trading, Polymer-Invest, Polimeh Group, Polychemgroup, Stolica Polimerov, Grinder and many others.

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Matteo Previero, Process Engineer SOREMA Division of Previero N. SRL (Italy):

«We came to this exhibition to showcase our technology, knowledge and concern for the entire global recycling system. The exhibition is great! We met a lot of wonderful people, got acquainted with interesting business. And we think that in the future we will be able to take our business in this country to a new level».

The main activities of the companies presented in this section are the development, production and sale of equipment for the recycling of plastic, packaging and disposable products, equipment for the processing of waste plastic, wood, rubber, paper and other waste, as well as turnkey equipment for industrial sites. for the processing of films and hard plastics from LDPE, HDPE, PP.

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Yuri Taperov, General Director of ATLASMASH LLC:

«Traditionally, this exhibition is the best in Russia for polymers! We have been participating in it for more than 15 years in a row, and there is nothing better! In addition to the fact that we make high-performance equipment for processing plastic waste - shredders, washers, granulators, we also gather the entire polymer market for the Polymer Regatta, which will bring together about 150 people, where we invite you too!».

It is worth noting that the leading companies in the industry are actively pursuing a green development course, introducing new initiatives into their processes and helping partners, packaging and goods manufacturers to take the first step towards green production.

For example, SIBUR Holding presented Vivilen bottles containing recycled polyethylene terephthalate at the RUPLASTICA plastics and rubber exhibition in Moscow for the first time. In the production of Vivilen, the company uses special PET granules containing about 25-30% recycled polymer.

«Especially for this exhibition, we have produced a limited batch of bottles in cooperation with the drinking water manufacturer 8:00. Outwardly, they are no different from ordinary plastic bottles, but the use of recycled plastic gives out the recognizable Vivilen marking», — SIBUR said.

During the exhibition, many companies demonstrated their confident willingness to help with import substitution of the most important components and components, as well as provide services for the design, production, delivery and installation of turnkey production lines in the current situation on the world market.

«At the moment, we are ready to meet the needs for the supply of equipment for both small enterprises and large full-cycle plants», – say representatives of ECOPROM24 LLC​​​​​​​.

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An important role in the development of the technological potential of industrial companies is played by the specialized project Additive Minded, dedicated to additive technologies and 3D printing, which was held within the framework of the exhibition for the sixth time.

The Additive Minded exposition was located in Pavilion 2.3, where participants shared their experience in implementing a digital approach to the manufacture of physical objects and presented equipment, systems, materials, additional components, as well as services for additive manufacturing. Among them are such companies as U3Print (KAZAR LLC), Engineering and Consulting Center, Stereotech, AP-Project, ANISOPRINT RUSSIA, JETCOM, Objectronics, LIDER-3D and others.

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Stands of this segment traditionally attract a large number of professional visitors with their equipment and technologies!

Thus, Stereotech brought to the exhibition its Stereotech 5хх FIBER 5D printer, a five-axis 3D printer with 5Dtech technology for printing durable functional products with continuous fiber.

Anisoprint has presented its own unique development - a technology that allows printing functional parts from composites reinforced with continuous fibers. Their printing devices do not fill the model with pieces of carbon fiber or other reinforcing materials, but “weave” continuous fibers of reinforcing material into the structure of the model.

The young company Objectronics brought to the exhibition its industrial printer Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus, the main task of which is planned to be completely autonomous, work without respite and minimal operator intervention.

The LIDER-3D booth was full of a variety of presented samples! Visitors were invited to get acquainted with QIDI FDM 3D printers - QIDI Tech X-CF Pro and Flashforge models, FlashForge Creator 4 and FlashForge Guider 3 Plus models - all of these devices are capable of printing with industrial plastics, several photopolymer printers - Creality Halot Sky and Elegoo Saturn 2 8K, and other models.

An important and really working platform for business dialogue was the business sites in Pavilion 2.3, which combined specialized events POLYMER PLAZA, RECYCLING SOLUTIONS and ADDITIVE MINDED in their area.

The theme of the actual challenges of the era - transformation, development, import substitution, new logistics, complexities and prospects - ran like a red thread through all the experts' speeches.

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An overview of the accumulated experience, the current state of the market, a preliminary image of the main stages of development that require the introduction of new chains and solutions, fresh analytics, forecasts for the upcoming season - all this and much more was heard from the stage of POLYMER PLAZA from leaders and experts from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, SIBUR, Aditim, Association of Plastic Processors, Georg Polymer, RAPEX, Optimalog, Danaflex, Polyplastic, Formotronik etc.

The topics of recycling, waste management systems, the introduction of separate collection in Russia, building a high-quality and working circular economy were also considered separately as part of a full day of RECYCLING SOLUTIONS business program. Representatives of Russian Environmental Operator, Ecoline Group, RT-Invest Recycling, Separate Collection Movement, Ecopolis Corporation, Unilever and others shared their experience and knowledge.

The topic of responsible consumption, as well as the promotion of textile recycling, the development of technologies and the specifics of the formation of this niche in our country, was continued by an expert Public Talk as part of the RECYCLING SOLUTIONS business program.

The participants of the pilot session discussed how to effectively make the waste collection system an integral part of the clothing and textile industry itself, how to start forming new habits among the people of Russia, and how to make waste collection habitual in order to quickly ensure Russia's transition to a circular economy.

A separate schedule of the program of lectures and master classes of the Additive Minded Talks conference consisted of presentations by global and local market experts, as well as trend reviews from companies: Modern equipment, F2 Innovations, Anisoprint Rus, i3D, Dipaul Technologies, Triangulatica, S7 Space, INNFOCUS, 3D-Integration and others.

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Dmitry Trubashevsky, head of additive technologies at Modern Equipment LLC and moderator of the Additive Minded program:

«This year the program was especially interesting in terms of the presence of Russian companies. If earlier these companies tried to keep a low profile due to competition with their foreign counterparts, then this year they have taken the lead, because both Asian and Russian equipment are a priority today. Here, speakers each time talk about new directions - something that will really be interesting today and in the near future. The conference turned out to be successful, there were a lot of interesting reports, which, ultimately, will lead to interesting contracts and further development of additive technologies in Russia».

Without losing relevance and gaining more and more attention of the professional public every year, users and integrators of specialized systems discussed industrial additive technologies as a mechanism for shortening supply chains, expanding the possibilities of 3D printing, replacing imported software for additive manufacturing, promising materials for import substitution, and much more.

This year, special attention in the conference program was also paid to the fact that, in addition to laser fusion technologies, there are other laser-free technologies that are in many ways superior to their counterparts in the shop - in terms of productivity and cost. And according to experts, these technologies are ready to "change the rules of the game" in the entire industry.

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Thus RUPLASTICAUPAKEXPO and RECYCLING SOLUTIONS gave a strong start to the new season of all industrial specialized events and confirmed their importance for both Russian and international participants in all segments of the polymer, packaging and processing industries.

Kirill Piskarev, RUPLASTICA 2023 project director:

«The success of the completed projects has proven that our principles, high-level standards and international experience enable us to deliver quality events. We have all the resources and good potential that are necessary to hold exhibitions with the maximum final performance, so we will be glad to see you at our future projects and next January at the RUPLASTICA 2024 exhibition!​​​​​​​».

International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber RUPLASTICA 2023 traditionally received numerous words of gratitude and support from the participants of the event, and interest in specialized events from Russian and international companies is growing steadily, especially given the new realities.

That is why in 2023, EXPO FUSION LLC plans to hold a number of events in the regions of Russia and the CIS countries - RUPLASTICA & UPAKEXPO Meeting Point Tashkent in April, RUPLASTICA & UPAKEXPO Meeting Point Yekaterinburg in July and RUPLASTICA & UPAKEXPO Meeting Point Astana in September,
which will be held as part of the International Industrial Exhibition "INNOPROM". The nearest project - "RUPLASTICA & UPAKEXPO Meeting Point Tashkent" - will be held from 24 to 26 April in Tashkent.

The organizers of the exhibition thank all the participants and visitors of RUPLASTICA 2023 and look forward to meeting you at future projects and the RUPLASTICA 2024 exhibition!

Follow the latest information on the official website of the exhibition, as well as in the Telegram channel.



Kirill Piskarev,,
project director

Elvira Urich,
project manager


Marina Belousova,
project manager 

For the press:
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